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Coming a long way...

Back in the 80’s, North Macedonia's wine production of 180 million litres was servicing two-thirds of the demand in ex-Yugoslavia. A handful of state-owned wineries were delegating the quality and the price while teasing out only the very basic table wine from some of the best soils of the country.

It took us a long time after the “good old days” to realise that the blessing from our past happened to be the curse of our future. The construct to service only the domestic market with somewhat satisfying or in most cases, simple quality level of wine, had successfully divorced us from our dignity and our self-respect as a relevant winemaking country.

After 30 years of recovering, we can now see the wineries digest the great potential of our soils and our unique terroirs, while identifying the significance and the difference of the many little micro-pockets in the ancient lands of North Macedonia.

It is a promising future for North Macedonian wine and we are proud to be creating our own vinous tales that will inspire the future storytelling of this region.

The wines we represent are just like us - progressive and fiercely independent.

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