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Our Trstenik Winery

Our winery is located in the pristine and picturesque reaches of Trstenik in the Tikveš Region of Macedonia.

Here life moves to a different rhythm, life is in balance with nature and vine-growing and winemaking is the centre of many livelihoods.


We can pursue excellence through our own start of the art winemaking facilities, established in 2013. All aspects of  winemaking are handled on site enabling us to nurture and control our wines from the vineyard all the way through the winemaking process, while selectively utilising winemaking techniques that enhance the aromatic and flavour potential of each individual parcel of fruit.

Our Winery has the capacity to produce 11 million litres of wine at the moment, with intention to increase this to 15 million in the next 3 years. MILEV Winery is able to process 30,000 tonnes of grapes with an accompanying 20 million litres of storage.

Image by Camille Brodard

Unique Experiences, Private Events

We all enjoy things more when we know a bit more about them, which is why wine tasting is a great way to learn about wine and how it's made.

We offer fun, flexible and memorable tasting experiences which can be hosted in our Trstenik Winery, Vineyard Estates, Wine Shop or venue of your choice.

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Our Winery Services

With such a long history in the industry, our knowledge is extensive. As wine producers, we sell to consumers, we supply the on and off trade and we offer our knowledge to other wine-making businesses through consulting services.


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Our Vineyards

With over 850 ha of vineyards, we are considered one of the Balkan’s largest grape growing companies.

We own an extensive portfolio of vineyards in a diverse range of sub-regions across the iconic Tikveš Region, ranging from dry grown cool climate to inland irrigated.


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