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Fiercely Independent, since 1999

Our Story

Where we have been, where we are going.

Ancient soils rich in history with stories passed down through generations...

The Tikveš Region has been cultivated with grapevines since the 4th Century BC. The ancient soils that now form part of the MILEV plantations are rich in centuries of vine-growing and wine-making history. 

MILEV originally formed the vine-growing division of the Agricultural Group called Tikveš. With some of the oldest and largest vineyards, its sole purpose was to cultivate quality vines and fruit to maintain Yugoslavia's wineries. Since 1999, we broke from this group to become proudly independent. 

The Birthplace of Premium Macedonian Fruit...


In a time where big industry and the commercial production of bulk wine was the only focus, MILEV was progressively establishing a sustainable viticulture philosophy that puts the health of the vine first. Since independence, we built a new viticulture philosophy for Macedonia, focusing on sustainability, quality and respect for the ancient soils of the Tikveš Region.

Our job is to be custodian to the land, to acknowledge the people as the previous custodians with respect, and to look after the ancient soils that nurture our vines in this historic Tikveš Region. We believe this is the purest form of wine making with respect to place, on some of the oldest, most beautiful land the Balkans has to offer. 

Where We Are Going

Despite the respect for the traditional winemaking practices that have been part of the MILEV story for decades, there have been amazing transformations over the years – winemakers have joined the extended family, styles have come and gone, and technology has brought about efficiency in the winery. But the MILEV goal has always been to grow healthy, exceptional Tikveš fruit and make classic wines in the Tikveš style.

MILEV will remain to be a progressive winery that will continue to be the leading provider of quality grapes and Macedonian wines in select markets around the world.

The wines we make will be just like us – progressive and fiercely independent.

Our wine comes from the heart of the land rather than the mind of the winemaker. The result? Exceptional fruit that consistently produces magnificent wines which intensely speak of the land from which it is made. 

We are the proud past and exciting future of Macedonian wine.


Together with our Next Generation, we are creating our own vinous tales that will inspire our future storytelling.

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Our Story
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Great Wines are made in the Vineyard

Wine can only be as good as the grape.


Our approach in the vineyards is based on respect, integrity and knowledge.

We combine a deep understanding of our vineyards and a long history of growing fruit in the Tikveš Region, with dry farming and sustainable practices, to produce grapes that speak clearly of where they are grown.

We believe that each great wine should express their individual epitome of time, place and effort – bringing the vineyard to the bottle.

Sharing the BEST of  North Macedonia

Bulk Wine Tanks GD Tikevs Winery

All aspects of winemaking are handled on site at the MILEV Winery in Trstenik, Macedonia.

This allows maximum control over all aspects of the winemaking process.

Our Winery


There are four estates from which MILEV sources its fruit.

Each vineyard produces distinctly different grape characteristics from vines aged from less than five to 150 years old.

Our Vineyards

Meet Our Team

We have been blessed over the years to have built a team full of knowledge, passion and genuine commitment.


There are many talented and patient hands who help us manage our vineyards, make our wines and run our business and while it is impossible to list them all, we are thankful for each person who is committed to out journey. 


Above everything, we are simply a bunch of good human beings who just love wine. We live for family and the love of wine. This has been our team philosophy for the past generations and will be for the next 100 years.

Risto Milev
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Director of Viticulture

Trayko Nastov
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Export Manager

Vane Naumov 
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Financial Manager

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Kristina Kalugerova
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Client Service

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Dragan Rangelov
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Head Winemaker

Meet Team

Experience the result of more than 60 years of premium vine-growing practices...

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