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Winemaking Philosophy

Great wine is made in the Vineyard.
Image by Alex Gorbi

The secret of making great wine is great fruit - pure and simple.

Grown in the ancient soils of the Tikveš Region, our wine comes from the heart of the land rather than the mind of the winemaker.

Our approach in the vineyards is based on respect, integrity and knowledge. These values form the foundation of our viticulture philosophy and allows us to continually remain a leading voice in the Macedonian wine industry. It is our job to protect, nurture and respect the ancient soils on which our vines are grown because only healthy vines can make great wine.

Along with many patient hands, our soils and yields are carefully managed by viticulture technology. We implement modern innovation, using precision viticulture techniques, while balancing the entire process with human sense.


Our ongoing investment in precision viticulture technology allows us to map the finest parcels from our vineyards and even our best rows. By using this technology, coupled with our intimate understanding of our land, we’re able to unearth unbelievable micro-variations that go on to make magnificent wines.

Our deep connection and understanding of the vineyards is fostered by our incredible viticulture team. Led by Risto Milev, considered by many the father of the modern vine-growing in Macedonia, our dedicated team manage our vineyards 365-days a year with the utmost care and attention to detail.


We believe each great wine should be an individual expression of time, place and effort – bringing the vineyard to the bottle. 

We combine a deep understanding of our Vineyards and a long history of growing fruit in the Tikveš Region with dry farming and sustainable practices, to produce grapes that speak intensely of where they are grown.

We harvest our grapes by hand and press them in the winery with no artificial additions at all. We believe this is the purest form of wine making with respect to place, on some of the oldest, most beautiful land the Balkans has to offer. 


Our wines are made with the least intervention — but as much knowledge, confidence and expertise — as possible. We are not afraid to push the boundaries and experiment to improve the quality of our wines.

In the winery, we manage a careful balance of tradition and innovation; employing age-old techniques supported by modern advances.


We strive for our wines to express everything possible from the vineyard, vintage, region and winemaking culture behind it. 

We make our wines to be delicious, savoury and perfect partners for food or special occasions. They have texture, interest and balance, and a bit of an edge. 

The wines we make are just like us - progressive & fiercely independent. 

Image by Lasseter Winery

Our Vineyards

With over 850 ha of vineyards, we are considered one of the Balkan’s largest grape growing companies.

We own an extensive portfolio of vineyards in a diverse range of sub-regions across the iconic Tikveš Region, ranging from dry grown cool climate to inland irrigated.

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