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Virgo Muscat Hamburg Rosè 


2021, Single Vineyard


A playful wine with beautiful flavours of citrus and honey, a pronounced muscat aroma mixed with raspberry and spring flowers. 

Milev Winary Logo - Tikvesh Region  Muscat Rose
Muscat Rosè


Virgo Cabernet Franc


2018, Single Vineyard


This wine is loved for its savory, bell pepper-like flavors and mouthwatering taste. It is an ideal food pairing wine made from selected late-harvest grapes of single origin.

Milev Winary Logo - Tikvesh Region  Cabernet Franc
Cabernet Franc


2021, Single Vineyard


Beautiful example of fresh, crisp and fruity semi-dry white wine that is faithful to its origin. It explodes with flavours of freshly cut grass, dried basil flowers, elderberry and stone fruit.

Milev Winary Logo - Tikvesh Region  Temjanika

We make our wines to be delicious, savoury and perfect partners for food or special occasions.

Created to excite and challenge you, they have texture, interest, balance and a bit of an edge.


Great Wines are made in the Vineyard

Wine can only be as good as the grape.

Grown in the ancient soils of the Tikveš Region, our wine comes from the heart of the land rather than the mind of the winemaker.

We combine a deep understanding of our Vineyards and a long history of growing fruit in the region with dry farming and sustainable practices, to produce grapes that speak intensely of where they are grown.

We strive for our wines to express everything possible from the vineyard, vintage and region. 

The result? We have been consistently producing food-friendly, elegant and approachable wines for any occasion, year in and year out.

Image by Nacho Domínguez Argenta
Image by Damien DUFOUR Photographie
Our Story

Where we have been, Where we are going.

Over the years, we have earned an esteemed reputation as one of the most prominent vine growing companies in Macedonia...

The stories we tell are part of our rich history, passed down through generations and retold by the people working within our vineyards and wine business.

Despite the respect for the traditional winemaking practices that have been part of the MILEV story for decades, there have been amazing transformations over the years – winemakers have joined the extended family, styles have come and gone, and technology has brought about efficiency in the winery. But the MILEV goal has always been to grow amazing Tikveš fruit and make classic wines in the Tikveš style.

We are the proud past and exciting future of Macedonian wine. Together with our Next Generation, we are creating our own vinous tales that will inspire our future storytelling.

Suva Gora Grape Harvest, 2020

More About

Our Vineyard Estate

With over 850 ha of vineyards, we are considered one of the Balkan’s largest grape-growing companies.

We are blessed to own an extensive portfolio of vineyards in a diverse range of sub-regions across the iconic and ancient

 Tikveš Region ranging from dry grown cool climate to inland irrigated.

We source the fruit for our wines from our own vineyards ensuring consistent quality year in and year out.

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MILEV Winery

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s. Trstenik, Rosoman 1422

North Macedonia

Tel: +389 43 415 916

MILEV Corporate Office

Ul. Siska 2

Kavadarci 1430 

North Macedonia 

Tel: +389 43 415 916

Mon - Fri: 8am - 8pm

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